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SPECIAL OFFER: Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis-Cool Sculpt

Fat Freeze – Cryolipolysis / Cool Sculpt

  • 1 Area £99
  • 2 Areas £175 
  • 5 Areas £375
  • 10 Areas £700 (limited packages remaining)  

How it works?

A antifreeze membrane is applied to the skin for frost protection then a  large hand piece  shaped as a rectangle cup is placed over the area concerned it has a built in vacuum that pulls the fatty area in to the hand piece which also has inside 2 freezing plates which then freeze at the temperatures of -11c this stays on for around 45 mins resulting the fat to freeze then crystallise causing a breakdown of the fat cells the fat cells are then naturally distributed out of the body’s natural system, in order to enhance the results our weight loss specialists recommend a lymphatic circular motion massage with our fat drainage cream for 5 minutes every day pushing the broken fat cells towards the Lymph glands along with plenty of water and a cup of green tea daily for 30 days.

How many treatments needed?

This varies form one patient to another usually you can expect 1-3 inches of fat loss per session however on average 2-3 sessions may be needed on the same areas to achieve the desired weigh loss results, those who are already very slim and work out regularly however have some stubborn fat on the lower abdomen perhaps 1 session of fat freezing followed by basic abdomen exercise will be suffice to bring out the ab-muscle.

Areas commonly treated?

Man boobs, lower/upper abdomen, arms, flanks, love handles, back of bra line, thighs, below buttocks, under chin,





SPECIAL OFFER: Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis-Cool Sculpt

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