Laser Teeth Whitening London

Non Peroxide Laser Teeth whitening Gel.

These teeth whitening gels have the ability to remove stains safely without any damage to gums or enamel due to its 100% natural teeth whitening ingredients,

peroxide teeth whitening gels may work slightly better only by a small margin but are not suitable for generally everyone neither the peroxide whitening gel suitable to be used regularly as it has been known to damage gums and the enamel.


Does the non-peroxide gel work?

Yes but for some they may need 2 sessions of teeth whitening to receive the desired results.


Can the non peroxide gel be used regularly?

Yes as majority of the ingredients are natural depending on the whitening gel brand the non peroxide gel can be used regular


Is it cheaper to have the non peroxide teeth whitening treatment?

Yes it is as a peroxide teeth whitening treatment can vary between £400-£700 whereas a non peroxide teeth whitening treatment will cost around £200-£300 and regulary have offers around £150-£199


How long does teeth whitening last?

Teeth Whitening results last up to 12-24 months usually depending on the individuals after care otherwise it can return to its original teeth shade within months , usually 2 treatments would be recommended for a long term  result along with a regular use of an teeth whitening after care kit,



Would i get bright paper white look

No teeth whitening only removes or bleaches stains it does not add a white colour to your teeth if your teeth are naturally discoloured due to long term staining or medication these are difficult to whiten but the stains can be lightened



Can you whiten all my teeth

No laser teeth whitening can only treat the front teeth as the highly powered blue light and specially designed teeth whitening  gel can only be applied to the front showing teeth.


Does the blue light whiten the teeth?

No its mainly the  whitening gel that is applied to the teeth that does most of the work but without the blue whitening light the gel is unable to activate and is unable to penetrate the teeth in a short period of time, but without both the results would be nil.


I have a fake tooth can i still have tooth whitening?

Yes but be aware that the fake tooth will only lighten to its original colour when first put in or may only lighten ever so slightly.


I had teeth whitening before and it was not worth it as it only changed a few shades is it worth having a second teeth whitening treatment?

Yes but try to have it within a week due the reason it may not of worked as well the first time round is due to the fact the gel was unable to penetrate deep enough of the deeper stains and by having the the next treatment within a short period of having the first one the gel will find it easier to penetrate deeper resulting a better teeth whitening result

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